2022.03.04 NEWS RELEASE

【CATs-QUICK】 The dynamic forecast of Covid-19 infection in Tokyo, JAPAN (updated on Mar.4)

Mar.4  update of the dynamic forecast for the number of newly Covid-19 infected in Tokyo by CATs-QUICK.  The current phase is still rapidly decreasing.

*CATs-Quick will stop updating the dynamic forecast for the sixth wave of new COVID-19 situation in Tokyo, JAPAN after Mar.4.


CATs (Collective Analysis Teams, [formerly Collective Analysis Tracking System]), a private volunteer team in which Lully Miura, president of Yamaneko Research Institute, Inc. participates, has conducted research, analysis and made proposals with the aim of achieving both the control of COVID-19 infection and the control of socioeconomic damage in Japan. After the first wave, in addition to proposing multiple infection scenarios and the importance of forecasting economic and social damage in accordance with these scenarios, CATs conducted peak-out forecasts for the fifth wave and cooperated with the “Toward Continuation of Socio-Economic Activities Compatible with Measures Against Infectious Diseases” proposal released in November 2021 by the Japan Business Federation (Keidanren) to analyze the relationship between the data of flow of people and the number of infected persons, and the declaration of state of emergency.

In order to utilize data analysis for national policy decisions, enterprise risk analysis, and decision support, CATs will collaborate with information vendor QUICK Corporation (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO: ShinzoTakami, “QUICK ”) to publish the dynamic forecast of the peak out of the sixth wave by big data analysis in real time. With the QUICK’s support, CATs can provide the latest dynamic predictions.